All-Day Montessori

The All Day Montessori Philosophy

school-info-alldayThe All Day Montessori (ADM) program was incorporated in 2013 into Pioneer Montessori School’s Primary environments to better serve our children and families in need of extended care during the school day. This “all day” offering provides a nurturing and stimulating environment that continues to honor the child’s social, emotional and cognitive selves.  The expanded use of the Primary environments gives children greater range of choice and fewer pressures of time, including the opportunity to evolve naturally into an afternoon work cycle. The All Day Montessori program takes advantage of the longer school hours by allowing the child to experience a natural pace, similar to the home environment. Attending school all day allows a child to customize their possibilities and their potential and supports the developmental outcomes that an authentic Montessori education promises.

Program Hours and Calendar

All Day Montessori services are from 12:00 – 5:30 pm, Monday through Friday, on all regularly scheduled school days. The All Day Montessori program will be closed on weekends, government holidays and vacations as identified on the school calendar.

Contract & Fee Services

An All Day Montessori contract is required for each child enrolled in the program. All children participating in the program are expected to register for specific schedule (i.e. September – June, Monday – Friday, and time; 12:00-3:00, 12:00-5:30, 3:00-5:30). We will be able to accommodate all families contracts. All Day Montessori is billed by the selected yearly contract and is invoiced by your selection of: annual payment, semi-annual payment or 10 month payment plan. Please contact the Administrative Offices to obtain a contract and to sign your child up for All Day Montessori.