Parents Association

Parents Assoc

The Parents’ Association (PA) is a committee of parents established to foster and support events that promote fun, education and a sense of community for students and their families. The PA promotes communication among parents, staff, administration and the board of Pioneer Montessori School and offers parents a forum to learn more about the Montessori Philosophy and School. The PA also supports special student scholarships, spearheads fundraising activities and is the driving force behind events such as the Harvest Party, Holiday Parties, The Spring Fundraiser, End of the Year Celebration and more.

There is an executive committee of the PA made up of four parents: a community chair, a room parent chair, a philosophy and education chair, and a fundraising chair. This committee meets five times a year in October, December, February, April, and June. The executive committee strives to reach out and meet the needs of the school community.

Open PA meetings take place five times a year in September, November, January, March and May. In these open meetings we discuss upcoming calendar events, we have a report from the head of school and the board, and often Liza Weekes leads a Montessori education and philosophy forum.

Each year, Pioneer Montessori School parents give hundreds of volunteer hours to our school. These generous donations of time and talent help to make Pioneer Montessori School a better place for our children and our community.

Executive Committee
Spokesperson & Community Chair
Nancy Fenn

Room Parent Chair
Stephanie Carlson

Fundraising Chairs
McNair Bailey

Room Parents
Cindy Dondero

Primary 1
Tifney Stewart
McNair Bailey

Primary 2
Emily Knowles
Erika Philips

Lower Elementary 1
Sarah Benson

Lower Elementary 2
Amy Stroebel-Haft
Kristen Coulter

Upper Elementary
Kaz Thea

Major Volunteers
McNair Bailey
Sarah Benson
Stephanie Carlson
Lucy Chubb
Amy Corbett
Kristen Coulter
Heather Daves
Christine Davis-Jeffers
Jennifer Embree
Nancy Fenn
Hope Hayward
Emily Knowles
Carrie Lightner
Candice Pate
Calysta Phillips
Trish Raziano
Karin Reichow
Chris Root
Dotty Sarchett
Pilar Settlemier
Tifney Stewart
Louise Stumph
Jennifer Teisinger
Jessica Wolcott