PrePrimary Assistant Teacher

Lucie was born and raised in the wild cities of the Old Continent (mostly Prague). When “gently” reminded by her parents that her carefree childhood days were over and answering the essential question “What do you want to be when you grow up?” with “Unicorn or time traveler,” were no longer cute or funny she found herself seriously thinking about what she really wanted to do. She gave college a try and got her first degree in Social Work. After determining that she had no real interest in that field, she got her second degree in Political Science. Studying Political Science brought her all the way to the Middle East (Israel and Jordan) and she began picturing herself working for the UN (not as impossible as unicorn or time traveler, yet still pretty hard to achieve.)

In 2008 she found her way from Israel to the New World. Twentysomething and not quite sure how to put her Political Science degree to use to actually make a living she started working with children (as a nanny). After almost a decade later here she is, still working with children at the Pioneer Montessori School and loving every minute of it. So, although unicorn, time traveler or the United Nations did not work out she finally knows what she wants to do when she grows up.