PrePrimary Lead Teacher

Lorena began working at Pioneer Montessori School as an assistant in the PrePrimary classroom in 2001. She became a Lead PrePrimary Teacher in 2004 after receiving her AMI Montessori certificate from the Montessori Institute of Denver. The Montessori philosophy is an integral part of how she approaches life daily. Slowing down and taking time for all things, taking time to truly listen and observe. Every morning she looks forward to connecting with each one of her students and their families. To see the smiles on the children’s faces as they learn to put on their own coats, set the table or make fresh bread… She loves how peaceful and productive the classroom can feel and how proud children feel as they contribute to their social group in the classroom. Every day she walks in with a smile looking forward to her day in our fabulous Pioneer Montessori School classroom. Working with this age group through the years she has learned that it’s truly work of the heart.