Administration & Faculty


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Liza Weekes, Head of SchoolEmail
Taryn Smith, Business ManagerEmail
Sarah Crowley, Office Manager, x102Email


Colette DeCicco, Preprimary Assistant • Email
Tom Downey, Upper Elementary Lead Teacher • Email
Sally Gerlach, Lower Elementary Lead Teacher • Email
Magie Gonzalez, LE Spanish Teacher &
Preprimary Assistant
Karis Kemp, Music Instructor • Email
Jeanne Knott, Primary Lead Teacher • Email
Lorena Kocher, Preprimary Lead Teacher • Email
Brenda Mariles, Primary Lead Teacher • Email
Carolan McAvoy, Lower Elementary Lead Teacher • Email
Alissa McGonigal, Upper Elementary Lead TeacherEmail
Kristen Morton, Lower Elementary Art InstructorEmail
Lucie Novakova, All Day Montessori InstructorEmail
Ashlee Ray, Primary Assistant & All Day Montessori Instructor • Email
Eric Rogers, Primary Lead TeacherEmail
Alma Romero, Primary AssistantEmail
Rob Siri, Upper Elementary Spanish InstructorEmail
Michelle Toussaint, Upper Elementary AssistantEmail
Sarita Valenti, Lower Elementary AssistantEmail
Laura Villa, Primary Assistant& All Day Montessori Instructor • Email
Jason Vontver, Music InstructorEmail